At Lovia Hotel you can be assured of a warm Cycladic welcome and a truly relaxing stay in real luxury, combined with exceptional food and a unique spa experience.

As the night retreats and the first rays of the sun begin to illuminate the skies above Mykonos, clusters of beautiful bright magenta flowers can be seen sprouting between the rocks and boulders, in search of the life-giving sunlight.

This eye-catching beauty is the sunset rockrose (botanical name: cistus x pulverulentus ‘sunset’): a low spreading, evergreen shrub, originating from dry, rocky parts of the Mediterranean. Especially during the flowering period, from June to July, the plant is constantly filled with flowers whose petals are connected to bright yellow stamens at their centers. These two colors together are reminiscent of a sunset, hence the name.

There are not many flowering shrubs that can tolerate such harsh conditions and yet continue to produce blossom for so long.

This is why the amazing, drought-tolerant sunset rockrose can be a wonderful source of inspiration, as it teaches us to keep growing and moving forward despite all difficulties.

We ourselves decided to name our hotel’s restaurant and spa after this nature’s tiny miracle. So, here we are now, looking forward to welcoming you to our hotel and helping you make the most out of your stay, with mouth-watering dishes at the Sunset Rock restaurant and pampering sessions at the Rockrose spa.

As for Lovia, you can already guess the story behind the name. It’s all about the driving force behind everything we do: Our love for Mykonos. Our love for nature.

And, of course, our love for outstanding hospitality.