The word “Chora” is used by Greek islanders to define the…

The word “Chora” is used by Greek islanders to define the main towns of their homelands. The Chora of Mykonos island is one of the best Cycladic architecture examples and, without a doubt, the most beautiful and spellbinding attraction for visitors from all over the world!

In contrast to other Cycladic Choras around the Aegean Sea, which were built on top of hills in order to be easily protected from possible pirate attacks, Mykonos Chora spreads out over a wide area, right next to the sea. Full of small, whitewashed houses with colorful doors, bougainvillea trees and small churches, the town also boasts an old harbor with traditional colorful fishing boats, and also a modern port that accommodates thousands of ferries, yachts and cruise ships every year.

When approaching the island by sea, the first thing that attracts guest’s attention is the spectacular sight of the Mykonian trademark—its stunning stone-built Windmills—set against a luminous azure backdrop. As visitors enter the town and get to wander around the busy pedestrian streets, they are bound to discover more surprises: picturesque buildings, exquisite restaurants and charming fish taverns, international brand name shops and boutiques, tiny cafés, as well as the most photographed Aegean church, Panagia Paraportiani.

Τhe iconic neighborhood of Little Venice, perched over the sea with its blue and red balconies, is another scenic beauty of Mykonos Town that you must not miss! Once you’re done with your shopping therapy, consider also planning a visit to the Archaeological and Maritime Museums. And before leaving, make sure to greet and take a picture with the famous pelican Petros, who is usually hanging around the seaside cafés and bars!

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